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Justice4Creatives is more than an organization; it's a movement towards creating a fair and just environment for all creatives. Through education, legal support, advocacy, and community building, we aim to protect and celebrate the contributions of creatives to our culture and society.

Our Mission

At Justice4Creatives, we are dedicated to empowering artists, musicians, writers, and all creatives by providing the knowledge, resources, and support needed to protect their intellectual property rights. Inspired by the landmark case of Sherman Nealy vs. Warner Chappell Music Inc., our mission is to ensure that every creative's work is recognized, respected, and fairly compensated.

The Inspiration Behind Justice4Creatives

The Sherman Nealy Case

Sherman Nealy’s courageous battle against Warner Chappell Music Inc. over copyright infringement claims has ignited a movement. Nealy, alongside co-creators Garfield Baker and Bryon Smith, sought justice and fair compensation for their intellectual property rights, challenging a giant in the music industry. Their fight underscores the systemic challenges and unfair treatment faced by creatives in protecting their work. Justice4Creatives was born out of this struggle, embodying the spirit of resilience and the demand for justice without limits.

You Are Not Alone

How You Can Support

GoFundMe Campaign

Join us in supporting Sherman Nealy and similar cases by contributing to our GoFundMe campaign. Your donations will help cover legal fees and support creatives in their fight for justice.

Sign the Petition

Stand with us as we advocate for copyright reform and fair treatment of creatives. Your signature sends a powerful message that the time for change is now.

Share Your Story

Your experiences matter. Share your story of creativity and the challenges you’ve faced in protecting your work. Together, we can shed light on the importance of copyright protection and inspire action.


Explore our gallery of creatives, their works, and stories of resilience. Witness the impact of copyright infringement on the creative community and the importance of standing together for our rights.

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Do You Have a Case?

Do You Have a Case?

At Justice4Creatives, we understand the challenges and frustrations that come with protecting your intellectual property. If you believe your creative work has been used without your permission, or if you’re facing copyright infringement issues, we’re here to help.

Case Evaluation

Our team can help assess the strength of your case, providing initial guidance on the best course of action.

Resources and Support

Gain access to a wealth of resources designed to navigate the complexities of copyright law.

Legal Referral Network

Connect with our network of legal professionals who specialize in copyright and intellectual property law.

Community Support

Join a community of creatives who have faced similar challenges, offering support, advice, and solidarity.

Submit Your Case for Review

If you're ready to take the next step in protecting your work and seeking justice, we invite you to submit your case details to us. Our team will review your submission and provide you with the necessary resources and guidance to move forward.

Remember, You’re Not Alone: Every creative deserves to have their work protected and respected. Let Justice4Creatives be your ally in the fight for fairness and justice in the creative industry.

Empower Your Creativity with Knowledge and Support

Essential Resources for Creatives

At Justice4Creatives, we believe in equipping creatives with the tools and information they need to protect their work and navigate the complexities of copyright law. Below are ten invaluable resources, complete with hyperlinks, to help you on your journey.
These resources are designed to empower you with knowledge, support your creative endeavors, and ensure your rights are protected. Whether you’re just starting out or facing legal challenges, Justice4Creatives and these resources stand with you every step of the way.

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